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anheuser-busch for wired

This project is a completely custom WIRED-style reporting piece on the future of sustainability in regards to beer brewing. This illustrated guide takes the reader from grain to glass, in a playful, yet informative way that kept audiences engaged.


- All infographics, web design, & reporting were 100% custom for this project.


Guadeloupe for the new yorker

Leaning into The New Yorker's style of storytelling, coupled with dynamic imagery, this article introduces the Guadeloupe islands to a US audience for the very first time, inspiring them to discover "la belle vie" in the French Caribbean for themselves.

- All photos were custom shot for this project.


Tourism ireland for the new yorker

Ireland is a country whose very landscape inspires some of the world's greatest writers. This branded article brought some of Ireland's greatest writers to life by playfully highlighting the locations that inspired some of their greatest literary works.

- All illustrations were custom designed for this project


Choose Chicago for bon APpétit

By tapping into the zeitgeist of the female empowerment movement, we brought Chicago's incredible and diverse food scene to the forefront via 5 accomplished female chefs, with an average article read time of 11 minutes, proving engagement amongst consumers


- All photos were custom shot for this project.

Audemars Piguet 2.jpg

Audemars Piguet For Architectural Digest

Conducted an interview with Swiss watch designer Chadi Nouri, to discuss the innovative design of the new Audemars Piguet Openworked watch. This article focused on the groundbreaking design to organically connect with the audience of Architectural Digest and spark interest and awareness.

- Article features a custom interview

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